Our product line continues to expand providing you with the highest quality nutritional supplements available from the best manufactures in America. All formulas withstand vigorous testing to meet or exceed industry G. M. P. standards so we can guarantee purity and potency at expiration. Please feel free to suggest new formulations as we are here to serve your needs


At Gonstead Nutritionals we only distribute supplements that pass our high quality assurance standards from GMP certified manufacturing facilities. Our Quality assurance standards include but are not limited to:

„« QA Test on every batch of raw material & finished product

„« Skip lot testing of raw material and finished product

„« Raw material supplier certification program in place

„« Microbiology testing

„« Identification for authenticity

„« Genus & species identification of botanicals

„« Potency assay

„« Finished product testing on every lot

„« Full profile finished product testing

„« Aflatoxin testing on herbal material

„« Stability testing program

„« Heavy Metal testing on finished product

„« Raw material heavy metal testing to ppb levels

„« Raw material solvent & chemical residue testing

„« Herbicide, Pesticide & Fungicide residue testing

„« PCB, Dioxin Furan assays to ppt levels on fish oils

„« Stability Assay data

„« Laboratory Certification Programs

Every Formula is guaranteed to meet or exceed label claims at expiration

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