Immulox 5 ounce spray

Immulox  5 ounce spray
Item# KB-Imm5


Immulox Spray* Immulox Spray is a liquid fraction of whole colostrum rich in PRPs. With Immulox Spray, these immune-modulating PRPs and other natural immune-supporting nutrients are delivered with a unique and effective oral spray delivery system. With this system, the PRPs and other immune factors are absorbed quickly in the digestive tract because the 80+ identified peptides are less than 5,000 daltons (molecular weight). The isolation of PRPs in Immulox Spray increases the mass transfer coefficient of these peptides for absorption, because no other dairy proteins and fats are present in Immulox Spray. Once absorbed, PRPs signal activated T-cells and activated macrophages, which are the cytokine factories in mammalian bodies. A balanced or modulated production of cytokines by these activated T-cells and activated macrophages send the correct signals to other human cells not to overreact (resulting in autoimmune symptoms) or underperform (resulting in immune-depressive symptoms) in their immune actions. Immulox Spray is produced exclusively by APS BioGroup using a proprietary patented process (US Patent No. US7,547,770B2). It is sold as a health supplement in the United States. In some international countries, Immulox Spray is sold as a drug for the treatment of immune disorders. To learn more about research and clinical studies with Immulox Spray.

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