Fields of Flowers 2 fl. oz.

Fields of Flowers 2 fl. oz.
Item# KB-P06010


Fields of Flowers provides a wide assortment of flower essences to assist with the release of toxic emotions and anxiety during the healing process.


Agrimony 30C, Aspen 30C, Beech 30C, Cerato 30C, Cherry Plum 30C, Chestnut Bud 30C, Chickory 30C, Crabapple 30C, Elm 30C, Gentian 30C, Gorse 30C, Heather 30C, Holly 30C, Honeysuckle 30C, Hornbeam 30C, Horse Chestnut 30C, Impatiens 30C, Larch 30C, Mimulus 30C, Mustard 30C, Oak 30C, Olive 30C, Pine 30C, Red Chestnut 30C, Rock Rose 30C, Rock Water 30C, Scleranthus 30C, Star of Bethlehem 30C, Sweet Chestnut 30C, Vervain 30C, Vine 30C, Walnut 30C, Water Violet 30C, Wild Oat 30C, Wild Rose 30C, Willow 30C, Glycerin 15%, Ethanol 15%, Purified Water 70%.

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