FloraDerm Pro 30 caps

FloraDerm Pro 30 caps
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FloraDerm Pro FloraDerm Pro is a high potency multi strain probiotic designed to help support the Gut-Brain-Skin Axis*
Supporting the Body’s Natural Dermatological T-Cell Function can help to: • Reduce Allergic Inflammation
• Support healing of Eczema, Acne and excessive skin dryness
• Reduce the damaging effects of the sun (photo ageing)
• Support healthy hair follicle cycling
This Gluten and Dairy free blend supports a healthy microbiome each nitrogen flushed acid resistant capsule assures delivery of 45 billion CFU (colony forming units)
Dermatologist recommend FloraDerm Pro as part of a healthy Anti-Ageing program
Does NOT contain: animal or dairy products, artificial colors or sweeteners, fish, shellfish, gluten peanuts, or preservatives of any kind

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