SAM-e 400 mg Double Strength 30 tabs

SAM-e 400 mg Double Strength 30 tabs
Item# Phy-SAME400


SAM-e is involved in over 35 biochemical reactions involving enzymatic transmethylation.* The methylation process is the mechanism by which the body rids itself of potentially damaging compounds, synthesizes neurotransmitters, regulates enzyme activity within the cell and maintains the flexibility of cell membranes.* Scientific studies have shown that Sam-e can promote mood and emotional well-being.* A NOTE ABOUT OUR ENTERIC COATING: The enteric coating helps the breakdown of SAM-e occur in the small intestine.* In addition, the enteric coating is designed to protect SAM-e from moisture and serve as a protective barrier so that SAM-e can be absorbed where it can provide you with the greatest benefits.*

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