Alpha Beta BODY Peel /2 Steps by Dr. Dennis Gross

Alpha Beta BODY Peel /2 Steps by Dr. Dennis Gross
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"Because the skin on your body is subject to the same stresses as the skin on your face, it needs a daily dermatological workout to retain - or regain - its softness and resiliency." Dr. Dennis Gross

Developed by Dr. Dennis Gross as an at-home, safe and effective way to solve every skincare concern that you may have on your body. The two-step, patented system provides a precise blend of Alpha Hydroxy and Beta Hydroxy Acids to improve skin’s tone, texture, and clarity while promoting collagen growth with gentle exfoliation to enhance the skin’s overall radiance and health. Green Tea Extract and antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E leave skin soothed, balanced, firmed and protected.


• Firms skin by stimulating collagen production • Increases radiance by removing skin-dulling dead surface cells • Retextures dry skin to make it smooth and silky • Reduces the frequency and severity of breakouts on acne-prone areas, such as shoulders, chest, and back • Evens skintone, minimizing areas of discoloration • Helps to release ingrown hairs and minimize Keratosis Pilaris • With daily use, delivers cumulative results and the ultimate feel of luxury

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