Age Erase Recovery Mask w Mega 10 Plus (formerly Intense Hydra Mask) 6 treatments

Age Erase Recovery Mask w Mega 10 Plus (formerly Intense Hydra Mask) 6 treatments
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What Is It? Professional strength Hyaluronic Acid concentrate applied under a heat-release mask allows you to moisturize from within to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles and deliver intense hydration. To boost the formula, Dr. Gross added Mega 10 Plus, the 10 essential ingredients for skin nutrition to intensely hydrate and erase the signs of fine lines & wrinkles producing a fuller, healthier, younger, and more luscious appearance.

Who Is It For? Anyone who wants to appear more rested, improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, and seeks fuller lips along with healthier, silky-smooth skin. Those interested in feeding their skin with multiple reparative vitamins, proteins and antioxidants.

Why is it Different? It is the only heat-released, two-step vitamin-enriched mask to effectively deliver HA concentrate directly into the skin. For best results, massage Step 1 thoroughly prior to applying second step. This treatment mask becomes activated with water, heat, and massage. The second step’s thermal action technology seals the highly-beneficial ingredient into the skin. You cannot get the same results from any cream or serum containing HA.

How Do I Use It? Open both packettes with dry hands. Empty contents of Step 1 into hands and massage thoroughly using fluid strokes across face, neck & décolleté. Empty contents of Step 2 into dampened hands to activate heating action and repeat the same process as Step 1, gently massaging in treatment with upward strokes. Let mask absorb for 5-10 minutes and then remove any excess with a warm washcloth. Use once a week or prior to a special occasion.

Benefits: •Mega 10 Plus provides visible firming & intense moisture •Multiple anti-aging ingredients are enhanced by Active Vitamin D •Unique self-heading mask improves product penetration, soothes & promotes relaxation

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