500-C Methoxyflavone 90 tabs

500-C Methoxyflavone  90 tabs
Item# w-50090


Product Description: 500-C Methoxyflavone from Metagenics is a synergistic formula that features a specialized complex of bioflavonoids combined with vitamin C.

Provides potent antioxidant protection and supports healthy immune system function. Supports healthy collagen production, the main component of connective tissue. Supports healthy capillary permeability.

EACH TABLET SUPPLIES: Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 500 mg Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex 500 mg [standardized to 45% (225 mg) bioflavonoids: hesperidin, and other naturally occurring phenolic compounds] Other ingredients: Cellulose, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, silica, magnesium stearate, and coating (deionized water, microcrystalline cellulose, polyethelene glycol, and carrageenan).

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